How to win 60% in the Forex market

It seems that it must be quite easy to win 60% annually in the stock market or at least that is what 1,000 Thailand’s traders believed not so long time ago.

This case was an investing program based in Forex, which happens to be one of the most difficult markets in the World to trade and in which is very difficult to make money in the long-term, not an easy market even for those with experience. This is demonstrated by the fact that even those who manage hedge funds specialized in Forex find it difficult to beat the market.

This is the same story as usual.

As Eclesiastes said in the Bible 1:9, “there is nothing new under the sun”.

This does not stop repeating itself constantly, once and again, and in thousands of different forms.

In fact, it is happening right now, only that the cases are more subtle.

Some, as the already mentioned of Thailand named “Wealthy Plus” did not even bother to hide its ridiculousness too much.

But, it is in that part, in how ridiculous it is where it attracts so many people.

It suffices with mentioning: “a 30% of profits guaranteed” and voila.

However in the world of trading or investing there is nothing that guarantees a 30% yearly profits, neither 60%, as this company made believe its customers “diamond” – those in the “silver” section had to be happy with a supposed 30% of annual profit.

The only thing that guarantees an annual more or less constant return is the State, something that seemingly everybody want to embrace whether directly or indirectly (regulated). Nonetheless, this is not trading or investing, obviously.

Therefore, what can guarantee us some profits more or less stable in the world of the stock markets?

Things related to it such as becoming dealers, brokers or trading mentoring.

As usual, it is better not to get carried away by adverts of easy profits.


The problem is that it is the “sight” and our “eyes” and “desires” the ones that dictate our behaviour in this regard. Everybody wants to become rich quickly, hence the problem.

Hopefully some people can learn a lesson from news like this and realize that it is not possible to make this kind of money in these markets.

However the quantity of people that fall in these traps is limitless since there are always new groups of potential “buyers”, a trend actually that seems growing.