The true professional traders

How to become a professional trader

There is always talking about the so-called professional traders, especially in those niches concerning the day trading community.

The fact is that the real professional traders differ quite a lot from what standard people think of them.

In reality, the professional traders are not those who buy the “ask” and sell the “bid” like you and me. No, not at all.

Best professional traders

People listen or read “professional traders” and immediately think of individuals that make tons of money from home with their computers outsmarting the markets every day.

How to become a trader
The professional traders are not what you think they are

After all that is true, the real professional traders win nearly every day but not in the way you think they do.

The trick consists of making the mass believe that those traders belong to the retail crowd when the truth is that those professional traders are actually the market makers or dealers, in other words, those who create the bid and ask making it possible for the rest of us to trade and to “think” we can become “professional day traders”.

In reality, they are not professional traders but “market makers”, dealers, brokers, proprietary “traders”, Goldman Sachs, etcetera.

They simply need you.

Do not you think that the business is made for you to win doing day trading easily.

The professional traders keep their business as usual looking for new fishes or waiting for the previous ones to build more savings.

I always find it funny when I see people self-proclaiming themselves as day or professional traders trading 5, 10 or more times a day and having, supposedly, huge profits every day got many years.

This people create a sort of virtual reality in which they claim that they win 200 or 500% a year easily luring possible prospects to the business.

The business is not obviously about day trading the markets and making 500% profit per year but more related to “teaching” those methods or giving “market signals”.

There is nothing better than that to attract people.


After all we live in a world where the “Flesh” and the senses rule.

However, what really matters is what the “eye cannot see”.

Basically, “day trading” is a business where what the “eye sees” is what makes the rules.

Those who say that can win 15% a month consistently and apply a good marketing strategy can have a very attractive product.

Forex professional traders

Those day trading professional traders, of which the Forex market is full of, are some of the most popular people in the social communities surrounding those markets.

They make people believe that doing scalping in Forex is the way to go.

People simply think there are thousands of scalpers making a living out of Forex everywhere.

Some of those professional traders end up going bust a couple of years later but it does not matter since they can create new profiles easily in the vast online market.

Many of them start creating new systems and profiles when the previous one failed.

This is especially easy when the people forget so quickly due to the fact that the world is full of data and resources.

The wheel never stops.

The previous professional traders disappear from the market but “new” ones replace them easily offering systems yielding “100%” after two months.

It is a wonderful world that gives plenty of opportunities to make money, but obviously not from the side of the genuine traders.

If you want to do professional day trading try to be a market maker in any of the possible ways.

Although you have to know that the process requires lying to the public.

The real professional traders are those who trade the markets in other way, and follow simple rules like “let profits run”.

Trying to become a professional day trader taking two pips here and two pips there is what the market makers want you to do. It is trying to swim for hours in a swimming pool full of hungry sharks and be able to relax.

Good luck and good trading.