Travelling and professional day trading

There is no such a thing in the world nowadays as travelling.

You can ask whoever you want and it is very likely that travelling will be among the first three answers.

That is why it has become so popular among those who want to promote any kind of service or product, whether online or offline.

If you want to attract attention there is nothing better than a good campaign showing a beach, a mojito, a tanned body, shopping in an exotic city or surrounded by palm trees.

There are actually many blogs and webs that have based their success on the idea that you can be successful, travel around the World, be independent and to live life to the fullest.

Examples about it you can find hundreds everywhere and in every niche.

A cocktail in the beach while trading the DAX futures. So nice eh?

In Spain, for example, one of the top blogs was based on that idea and it is called, which in English would be something like “livinglifetothefullest”.

That blog is not only about travelling but much of its success is due to that, apart from the fact that the owner is a very good blogger.

Here you have someone with positive attitude, good marketing and blogging skills, a bit of beach and sun in the mix and voila: a great product.

There is nothing wrong with a blog or web based on trading.

They do not promise things that cannot be achievable.

The problem is when we put our feet in the muddy terrain of day trading.

That terrain is one of the most dangerous nowadays.

It is difficult to find other sectors with more scams and swindles than this, with the exception of betting, casinos and such things. Although those things and trading have many points in common; a lot more than it seems at first sight. Not even very serious things like futures or stocks trading are immune to it.

The number of scams perpetrated by supposed trading professionals is so numerous that we can say they form part of a significant part of the trading world.

You can find many “day trader professional courses”, “stock or forex signals”, bonus of all kings, shady brokers, automated trading robots, etcetera.

They are all supposedly good services but the reality is other.

If we mix those things with pictures of sunny exotic beaches then we have lots of people attracted to them.

After all, everybody prefers to be in the beach with a beer than in the grey office.

So you only need to mix two ideas: work for two hours every day from our computer and the beach. In that way you can be sure you will attract many customers.

Day trading guru’s psychology

The day trading gurus always mention how important psychology is when it comes to trading the markets.

Many of them say that around 70/90% of the trading success has to do with that aspect.

It is a sort of mantra they cannot stop repeating.

Well, that is, in part, true.

Psychology is very important factor in the world of trading and investing.

But what they do not say is that psychology is very important in “their” world of trading, that is to say: they use psychology to attract the people making them believe that through “psychology” they will succeed.

My friend, you need something more than psychology to win in the day trading market.

Those gurus end up being, without noticing, masters of marketing online.

Day trading masters?

I doubt it so much.

It always depends, however, on the concept of “master”.

If that means winning a 200% annually on paper, then I can also say I am a day trading master.

But one thing is paper and other thing is the real thing.

Do you really think there are day trading professionals (2) showing their methods in courses to dozens of thousands of traders every year and that those guys end up being professional traders as well?

In other words, do you think there are millions of guys in the world that have attended some of those courses and that are making a living from home and going to The Bahamas every two months?

How many do you know personally?

Ha ha (sorry for the informality).

This is actually quite funny.

I have even seen methods talking about these kinds of things where the “masters” claim that they make 7 or 8 ticks every one loss of 5.

Well, there is no much difference between that and binary options trading.

Someone with a good knowledge of trading and the stock market knows that it is, in the majority of cases, a comedy.

What is not a comedy is the fact that those “masters” make an incredible amount of money doing their mentoring to other people, and as I said before, the psychological component is very important.

Making a living out of day trading and travelling around the World.

Meeting pretty girls in Asia.

Make friends in America.

Is not it the ideal style of life?

Who would not pay 500 or 1.000 GBP, USD or EUR for that?

In fact, people have no clue about the true facts. Why would they suspect?

After all, the business seems so legit.

You can buy a couple of screens, learn the “masters” methods (sic), and then becoming one of the private members of that selected club of day traders travellers of the World, sometimes called “speculators” pejoratively.

Although, the reality is quite another.

In reality, the masters or, let me called them better, the marketers are not day trading professionals (they know that but never recognize it in public, for obvious reasons).

The vast majority of professional day traders are, in fact, scammers, aka “marketing experts”.

The travels they do all the time are not paid with their trading profits, if they know what that means.

No, they are paid by the endless amount of anxious people who go to their courses hoping to find the Holy Grail of the current World: travelling and enjoying life.

Anyway, regards and good trading.

  1. Only in the Spanish trading markets there are hundreds.