The fortune tellers in trading and investing

Why do we try to be fortune tellers? One of the most common things in the world of the stock market is the divinatory desire of the majority of participants in it, starting with

Karen SuperTrader final scam

The one whom people though as the best options trader in the world, was finally accused by the FED with different charges. Although I have to say that being accused by the SEC is

Pyramid schemes in investing and trading

Pyramid scheme stock market Scams and lies have formed part of humanity since the beginning but I think there never was such an amount of lies as nowadays. That is to say, as the

Forex, the State and privileged information

One of the things that people hate the most in the World of trading and investing is that of privileged information. Later in the article I will give a very clear Forex example, first

Travelling and professional day trading

There is no such a thing in the world nowadays as travelling. You can ask whoever you want and it is very likely that travelling will be among the first three answers. That is

How to get rich with binary options signals

Yesterday, while I read a blog I saw some advertisements. The type of advert was one of those in which there are different products in the same banner. The advert about finance said something

The best Expert Advisor

What is the best Forex Expert Advisor? Taking into account all the years this universe of Expert Advisors has been active, the answer to the question is: your own Expert Advisor. Apart from that,


The High Yield Investment Programs or HYIPs are one of the biggest and most succesful scams around the Net. The plot is simple. A “professional” and good looking website offers the opportunity of making

Signals to buy Stocks

Another of the star services around the Internet is related to providing signals to buy or sell stocks. At first, it seems a good idea and, I have to admit that there are probably

The problem of requotes in Forex

One of the main problems forex traders face is that of requotes. This seems to be an specific issue of market maker brokers in forex and CDFs. Stocks, futures and options do not have

Invest to win

Do you want to make money trading in the stock markets? Whoever is interested in the financial markets will find thousands of offers on the Internet, offering him or her, an easy way to

Binary Options Signals Scam

Some time ago I had a look at Clickbank to see what was going on there. I already thought that there could be some shady offers, but I also thought that there could be

Forex Courses Scam

Some time ago I found one of the most original scams I have found on the Net. The system seemed revolutionary. That company explained very well that their business was differentiated from that of

Making a living trading Forex

May we attain financial freedom by trading forex? Yes, of course. In fact, the number of people making a living out of Forex is quite big. However, the question could be split into two.

Forex Signals and great returns

A lot of people show their forex trading activity in public for free through some of the platforms that exist in the market. Other people try to sell their signals by promoting them and