Does the ROE work for investing?

I am going to talk about one of the most used and popular indicators of fundamental analysis in the world. Nothing less than the legendary Warren Buffett has said that this, the Return on

Liquidity ratios for investing

The liquidity ratios refer to the ability of the company to meet the payments of its short-term debts. This is easier to understand if we see that not only companies but families also have

What is the Price to Book Value (PBV)?

The Price to Book Value or PBV is one of the numerous stock market ratios that are used in the fundamental analysis to try to determine if a company is cheap or expensive and

What is dividend Yield?

Dividend yield (Dividend Yield in English) is one of the most important fundamental ratios of financial analysis that exists. It measures the ratio between the dividend per share that a company has distributed during

Forex Fundamental Analysis

Why is Fundamental Analysis important in Forex? Well, in first place let us introduce what Fundamental Analysis is. This type of analysis is quite different from Technical Analysis, which is focused in the past