Forex Courses Scam

Some time ago I found one of the most original scams I have found on the Net. The system seemed revolutionary. That company explained very well that their business was differentiated from that of

Is Forex Scalping Profitable?

One of the concepts most popular of the last years in the world of trading is scalping. Thousands and thousands of traders around the World expect to find the secret to riches by this

Making a living trading Forex

May we attain financial freedom by trading forex? Yes, of course. In fact, the number of people making a living out of Forex is quite big. However, the question could be split into two.

Expert Advisors and great returns

Some time ago I had a look at some of the best performers at Myfxbook. As usual you will find a lot of systems with an impressive return. There are systems reported to having

Forex Signals and great returns

A lot of people show their forex trading activity in public for free through some of the platforms that exist in the market. Other people try to sell their signals by promoting them and

PAMM Forex Accounts. Is it a Scam?

What is a PAMM Account? Well, PAMM accounts (Percent Allocation Manage Module) are those where an experienced trader trades using his money and some money invested by any investor willing to participate. These traders

ECN or a market maker forex broker?

What is an ECN/STP Broker?   Last years the number of ECN/STP forex brokers (Electronic Communication Network/Straight Through Process) has exploded, and it seems that everybody wants to trade with an ECN broker nowadays.

Should I trade the news in Forex?

When you start trading the forex markets, it is not long before you hear about “trading the news”; that is to say trading when some fundamental major news is out. There are major announcements

Are Forex Expert Advisors a Scam?

I never used or purchased one of those signals. What I am going to say is based on common sense and my experience in the markets. I am not saying that all Expert Advisors