Are CFD and Forex bonuses a good idea

Why are Forex and CFDs bonuses so popular? Do we ever read the Term and Conditions? Even if we read them, why do we think we can overcome those conditions? Do we think the

Trading and investing with stock indexes

Trading the world indexes is one of the most popular trading assets nowadays. We can find them in almost the totality of CFD and Forex brokers, not to mention binary options brokers. But the

How much leverage should we use in trading?

I already spoke about leverage in other occasions but it is such an important issue in trading that I think I keep reminding other traders of it. There are many myths surrounding this world

Forex winning accounts quaterly

ForexMagnates usually displays a quarterly resume with the statistics showing how many losers and winners there are in the main Forex brokers of the United States. The results are quite similar from year to

Forex, the State and privileged information

One of the things that people hate the most in the World of trading and investing is that of privileged information. Later in the article I will give a very clear Forex example, first

Hedge Funds and Forex

Forex trading is more difficult than it seems. The majority of people who try it end up losing unavoidably, which is even worse for those who try the merry go world of dealers: day

The average duration of a Forex account

We already know how much a futures account last in average. I know there is people that think that the results of that speculation are not right and that a there are lots of

How to choose a market maker broker

A lot of people, especially those who have experience in the markets, think that it is not a good idea to open an account with market maker brokers. Those who are new in the

Forex Pairs: The Pound Sterling, the “cable”

The pound sterling is probably the oldest currency in the world, having references in the year 775 AC. By that time, there were no central banks, nor fiat system, and currencies were of silver and

Forex pairs: The Canadian dollar, USDCAD

What is the loonie? The trading between the US dollar and the Canadian dollar is known as the loonie. The loonie also refers to the one dollar coin introduced by Canada in 1987. The

The fateful Forex Black Thursday

The 15th of January 2015 will be remembered as one of the most historic days in the history of financial markets, the Forex┬┤s Black Thursday. That day, tens of thousands of traders around the

The best Expert Advisor

What is the best Forex Expert Advisor? Taking into account all the years this universe of Expert Advisors has been active, the answer to the question is: your own Expert Advisor. Apart from that,

Bonus for Forex and Binary Trading?

Bonuses for retail trading are more common than ever. It is incredible the number of apparently good bonus offers that we find around the Web. Online trading bonuses Offering bonuses is a technique especially

The problem of requotes in Forex

One of the main problems forex traders face is that of requotes. This seems to be an specific issue of market maker brokers in forex and CDFs. Stocks, futures and options do not have

Expert Advisors, from Heaven to Hell

Expert Advisors and long-term profit I am going to talk about one of the most famous Expert Advisors of the last years, though I will not mention his name. There can be cases of