Bucket shops and market makers

Jesse Livermore spent many years trading in the bucket shops until the day he was too known and not able to trade there anymore. In a chapter of is marvellous book, Reminiscences of a

Are ECN brokers a scam?

There are several trends in the Forex and trading retail markets nowadays. One that seems to be very popular is the fact that more and more brokers are claiming that they are ECN brokers,

Are market makers a scam?

There are millions of traders around the world that think that they have been scammed by the very well-known practices of market maker brokers. Although if we investigate a bit further, we will realize

ECN or a market maker forex broker?

What is an ECN/STP Broker?   Last years the number of ECN/STP forex brokers (Electronic Communication Network/Straight Through Process) has exploded, and it seems that everybody wants to trade with an ECN broker nowadays.