What is Market Noise in trading?

Surely you’ve heard a lot of times talk about that “market noise“, which is something that practically all traders or investors name from time to time. Why are traders and investors so concerned about

Stock CFDs or traditional stocks

The majority of those who start in the world of investing have a lot of doubts. Something normal if we consider the huge amount of possibilities present in the financial markets. Hence a lot

Trading or investing

What should we do, investing or trading? Before you start in the financial markets you should know what you want to do. This is a very dynamic world and there are two main sides

Online trading

What is trading online? Trading online is one of the trendiest activities in the last years. The amount of people doing it is quite big in the entire world. Trading is very popular not

How can I make money in Forex?

The Forex market is very simple actually. There is no need to study any engineer degree to be able to buy and sell a couple of currencies and wait to see if the pair

The danger in using breakouts in trading

One of the most popular ways of trading the financial markets is by using breakouts, in other words those moments when the price goes beyond a range where it has been trading recently. The

Bad streaks in trading

What should we do when we have a bad streak when trading in the financial markets? Well, it is simple: you have to keep calm although this is easier said than done obviously. This

psychology and binary options

When we see the amount of binary brokers that exist in the world it is obvious that there must be an incredible amount of traders who use them. As it is logic, most of

dynamic financial markets

There is a harsh reality in the financial markets that just a few know. This reality is that the financial markets change significantly overtime. But what do I mean by saying that the markets

Are Asians the best Forex traders?

Who are the best Forex traders? It is said in some places that the trick to succeed in the Forex market is doing what Hong Kong traders do, which is using low leverage. In

Learning from my mistakes in trading

One of the best things we can use to grow in the world of trading and investing is learning about our own mistakes. This statement, besides, is used commonly by those who populate the

Playboy models and the secret of day trading

You can never get tired of hearing bizarre trading stories. Stories that were supposed to be “bizarre” in the sense they should not be very common but in reality are much more common than

95% of traders lose

This is one of the most famous phrases in the trading and investing world and it is cited quite often as an irrefutable truth. The phrase is true and a lie at the same