How to identify Channels for CFD and Forex trading

What are the trading channels? One of the most popular patterns in the entire trading industry is that of the trading channels. According to most trading gurus they are very useful and would become

Stock CFDs or traditional stocks

The majority of those who start in the world of investing have a lot of doubts. Something normal if we consider the huge amount of possibilities present in the financial markets. Hence a lot

The myth of segregated accounts in Forex and CFDs

One thing that I find quite funny inside the world of “brokers” is that which makes reference to segregated accounts since it is supposed that a good broker has to have its clients accounts

Are CFD and Forex bonuses a good idea

Why are Forex and CFDs bonuses so popular? Do we ever read the Term and Conditions? Even if we read them, why do we think we can overcome those conditions? Do we think the

Trading and investing with stock indexes

Trading the world indexes is one of the most popular trading assets nowadays. We can find them in almost the totality of CFD and Forex brokers, not to mention binary options brokers. But the

How much leverage should we use in trading?

I already spoke about leverage in other occasions but it is such an important issue in trading that I think I keep reminding other traders of it. There are many myths surrounding this world

How to choose a CFD broker?

There are many CFD brokers out there. The truth is that it is not easy to choose if we start investigating the entire available offer, although, depending on our necessities our range of choice

CFDs, spreads and commissions

One of the most important things in CFDs trading is the commission you are going to pay, whether through the spread or through a typical one. This is a very important issue for stocks

What are CFDs?

CFDs (Contracts For Difference) are a financial derivatives which allows us to trade in financial markets with additional leverage. As their name implies, it is a contract between two parts, normally the trader and

Swap rates for CFD trading

Some months ago I had a little surprise while trading. I had not looked at swap rates for some months since it does not usually affect my trading too much. I can bare 10%

Futures or CFDs? What to trade?

Futures are a very efficient and essential instrument in the financial markets. A society that has not got developed futures markets cannot be considered a developed society. Futures are mainly traded in the United

Is it convinient to trade CFDs?

What are CFDs? First of all, what is a CFD? CFD (contracts for difference) are financial instruments that replicate the movement of instruments such as shares, currencies, commodities, bonds and etcetera. The difference with