Playboy models and the secret of day trading

You can never get tired of hearing bizarre trading stories. Stories that were supposed to be “bizarre” in the sense they should not be very common but in reality are much more common than what people think.

However, there is always some story that makes you laugh a bit more than usual, especially when you see these moronic things in some of the main commercial TVs in the world.

In this case we are talking about a story that came out in FOX in the United States, where they had the brilliant idea of interviewing one of the “new stars” of day trading in that country.

Day trading Playboy

In this case it was the Playboy playmate of the year 2014, in other words a “beautiful face” (she is not beautiful actually) associated with the day trading success: the perfect combination.

The interview started saying how everything started in this fabulous world, in this case, through a trading web – which she does not name – that supposedly showed her how to do “day trading”.

Later she said that her normal day would wake up at 5 am in the morning – wow – for her trading season.

At 5:30 she would start looking her stocks and after she cannot help herself and told us her secret: “I am in the cybertradinguniversity trading room”.

I guess another of those places where they teach the “Holy Grail of day trading”.

The best was not that but the fact that she said that she finishes at 8 in the morning and goes to the gym with her trainer and after attends her model business.

This sounds ideal, right?

Her strategy?

Supposedly she looked for volatility and volume.

If she saw a bullish trend she would buy, on the contrary she would sell.

Regarding her the best moment to trade stocks are when the market opens which is the moment when stocks move the most (this last sentence is truth however).


A funny moment during the interview is when the presenter asked her about if her system was based on support, resistance, momentum or stops to which she laughed (I guess perhaps related to the “momentum” is she really knows what it is).

To get out of that ridiculous situation she answered that she did not use stop losses because somehow she had “10 or 15 stocks that she monitored during the session” (sic).

Of course she could not let the interview go without saying that she had made 1,000 USD in the morning.


Here we have a one of the successful traders who make 4 or 5 thousand dollars every week doing day trading; and on top of that she is a model.

In Spain there were many regrettable spectacles regarding this issue of day trading but never going this far.

To end, as it could not be missed, she said that “everybody should try”, that everybody could do what she did, like making 100 USD in the morning with just 1 click.

How low have we fallen that supposedly mass media TVs show this kind of interview as normal?

How many unfortunate United States citizens will fall for this trap thanks to things like this TV show?

The best is that this kind of bizarre behaviour seems to be more common nowadays, in or outside TV.

Perhaps this girl will eventually include some sort of day trading mentoring on her website.

Anyway, seriously, there is one positive thing this girl says in the interview, and it is that: she wakes up at 5 in the morning, something that our grandparents used to when they worked in the fields.

After all it is much better than going to bed at 4 am, something very common in the world of fashion and “Playboy” that this girl is so keen on.

Good trading folks.