Marketing, stock market and investing

Although the title may lead us to think one way, this article is not about the amount of money invested in marketing but with the effect that marketing has in the world of investing which is more important than ever nowadays.

All companies make a huge effort in their efforts to reach the maximum amount of customers.

Well, marketing is very important in the world of trading and investing especially in a world dominated by images and suggestions made possible by new technologies.

Brokers know a lot about marketing. They are specialists in convincing their potential customers of the benefits of trading and investing.

However, when brokers reach a maturity and certain size they have to become more subtle or serious so to speak.

There is a moment they cannot promise the gold so easily.

There are many brokers that recently have had to remove the terms bonus from their adverts.

In many countries it is becoming more difficult to trade in certain markets with the new regulations imposed.

Curiously, authorities barely touch markets like binary options, where there are authentic butcheries although as they do not mention leverage they seem better so to speak.

Therefore binary brokers can still advertise the fact that you can win “90% in a minute” but other brokers closer to the real market encounter more difficulties in promoting their activities.

It seems that there are difficult years coming for the trading markets especially when we are hit by a big recession.

Eventually I think there will be some sort of Tobin tax.

We will see.


Marketing and human emotions

There is no doubt that the most successful strategies are those who touch our most sensitive emotions.

One of them is greed and the willingness to win with small effort.

Trading and investing are activities that are very easily used to manipulate our senses.

It is not difficult seeing a lot of people addicted to these activities very easily. And it is something difficult to escape from.

As the rest of things in our society, those who work for the industry are free to say whatever they want.

They can design nice banners and say nice easy phrases about how easy is to win and so on.

However it does not matter how beautiful the advert is we cannot know if we are being lied to.

In fact, it is curious that in a world that has reached the finest grade of technological advances it is easier to lie than ever.

Before, 4,000 years ago, it was more difficult to lie so to speak.

Internet did not exist.

If you were caught trying to deceive you would be expelled from the community, in the best of the cases.

The room for lies was much smaller.

Unfortunately the sophistication of the current world goes united with the easiness to lie, which has to be more elaborated, in some way, but not so difficult if we count with the new technologies.

That is the case with the marketing masters since they encounter a paradise in the world of investing, where illusions and promises of infinite riches are very common.

In that world there are endless numbers of individuals who want to escape their boring lives.

Investing and trading is one of those niches where you can have more promises and people willing to try to achieve them.

Having said this I do not say that there is not honest marketing but it is not the rule for sure.

Telling the people that they are not going to win doing day trading may sound hard but it is not a marketing strategy that will support you with good profits.

It is easier telling people that they are going to be professional day traders and therefore that they need to do a special course for that, or something similar.

All in all, be careful with the marketing strategies in trading and investing because it is one of the most difficult businesses in the world. I mean for the traders.