Learning trading basics

Brokers and great profits

I think that never in history there was such a big amount of brokers to choose from.

Globalization has brought us a huge offer, not only of brokers, but of related products.

Nowadays we can open an account with a broker in New Zealand and trade derivatives with a 100 USD account or less.

We can also open a 1.000.000 dollar account with one of the big Australian brokers.

There is no limit, for now.

Learning trading stocks online

A lot of people who want to invest for first time normally choose stocks.

What happens is that when we start investigating the jungle of stocks and related products, we discover a huge offer and it is not strange to see people that originally had in mind investing in stocks ending up betting in binary options.

The majority of novice traders in the stock market think that they can have good profits in this world in a short time, which in part is true.

Although it is true that they can lose a lot of money very quickly too.

Learning by trading

The truth is that you will not be able to win a lot of money in a short time as an individual investor or trader.

There are no traders who make 20 or 50% monthly profit regularly, for many years.

There are not traders who make 2.000 dollars a month opening 4.000 dollars accounts.

No. Things are not like that.

When we choose a broker we should be conscious that we are not going to win that type of money.

The most we should be able to get is to make an annual return of anywhere from 0 to 30% during some years.

That is what the best hedge fund managers in the World win.

Learning trading stock market

Perhaps, a great trader using some leverage and with small accounts could be able to win a bit more, but not a lot more than the best managers, and taking a lot of risk.

That is why, we should keep in mind that no matter what broker or market we choose, we are not going to get rich opening a 5.000 dollars account.

The best we can do with that is to gain experience so we could become good traders or investors some day.

If we have a lot of capital, due to our business, family heritage, work, whatever, we can make good use of that experience.

With this, what I want to say is that the best thing we can do is to try to start trading with small money and timidly, so we can learn and survive in the process.

Learning trading is the most important thing

If we become good traders some day, then the next step could be offering some service, like trading signals, mentoring, designing a robot or, who knows, being hired by an investor group.

However, to do that, you first have to learn because to offer a good service you should know what you are talking about.

Actually, the amount of services that are pure scams is the norm in the net, so once you have learned you can discern what is good and bad.

A good way of detecting if a service is good or not is to look what kind of customers it is trying to attract.

If we see that the service is about “be a professional day trader” or “I am a professional day trader” we can be sure it is a lie. The person who sells that service is living off a lie.

Learning trading online

With that type of courses we will spend a lot of money and later, when we test our “knowledge” we will even lose more.

Therefore, in most cases is better not to make the course and keep the money.

To learn how to trade requires a long path, normally of many years, a lot of trading and studying the markets, along reading books and as much information as possible.

However, we should never lose hope, because with the process of learning comes the reward. One way or another, it comes.

Regards, and good trading.