Is calendar the best in the Forex market?

FXStreet is one of the best known websites of the Forex world, something not common being Spanish company that began many years ago, nothing less than since 2000, in this of the online Forex world.

It is funny, because when I visited this website I thought it was the typical American website because it was in English, in addition to the fact that the name did not have much Spanish, and saw no indication that it was dedicated to the Spanish public.

However, I was surprised when I saw that it was a project created and managed by Spaniards.

What is FXStreet about?

Well it is a website that deals with Forex and that provides a much focused content to this world with different sections of news and daily analysis, as well as articles of education.

If you want news and daily analysis of Forex this is one of your reference websites, since unlike others you will not have many other markets mixed very often, being a web eminently of the forex market.

I do not usually visit this website for news or the analysis, but I do not do it in many others either, except for particular cases to read what Rickards says, Mish Sheldock, Jesse Café Americain, Zero Hedge, Marc Faber, etcetera.

This does not mean that it is not worth visiting this website.

Really, if you like the Forex and the analysis of the pairs here you have one of your reference websites.

But what is it that really attracted me to FXStreet from the start?

Well, the Forex calendar.

FXSTreet Forex Calendar

I do not know why, but of the many economic calendars to see Forex news I always liked FXStreet, and it is not for anything special, or because it gave “signals” of any kind. In fact it is a calendar practically the same as that of other Forex giants like ForexFactory, or dailyfx.

I do not know why, but in the end I always ended up clicking on the FXSTreet calendar.

In some cases because it came with the Spanish or European time, which was different with Forex Factory because it came from “factory” with the American, and this was something that I was throwing a little back.

The calendar is much more flexible, since it allows you to change the schedule in the options menu directly, while in FXStreet you have to log in. In this has advantage, but on the other hand – and this is simply personal taste – the appearance of the FXSTreet calendar I like more, because it is wider and has much fewer ads, while the investing is surrounded by ads and it looks a bit more saturated.


As we see, there is never anything perfect.

And to you, what do you think of the best Forex calendar in the market?

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