Get rich quickly with Bitcoin Loophole

Are we in front of the biggest investment ever?

According to one of the most know English financial gurus, yes.

Not only this so called “investment” is the best ever but it will create thousands of jobs.

Great! An investment as never seen before, and providing jobs besides riches.

What kind of investment are we talking about here?

Well, one related to Bitcoin, something that has already created many jobs and riches.

Apparently, “now” it is the time in which the people can become rich.

If we add a good marketing campaign backed by a well known face we can get a great result in economic terms. Great for Lewis, of course, since the amount of people who are going to sign for it is huge.

What is more, not only they say that there are going to be thousands of jobs created but that with this product people will be able to quit their own jobs in 30 days.

According to the article the British who have the program are able to do 450 pounds a day and are quitting their jobs.

Is not this another typical story of how to get rich quickly in a short time?

I do not remember how I found this “marvellous” plan.

I suppose that it was through some sort of advertisement or spam link in the web.

There must be a lot of people who have landed in that page and not a few will end up “investing” with the hope of quitting their jobs and work from home without effort.

The American dream made truth.

What is this about?


We are talking of some sort of auto-trading program.

According its promoter it is a controversial investment because the so-called elite do not want the masses to know since it is not good idea that the English worker “knows”.

Could it not be that the elites are interested in that the workers invest in mass now so they can keep being the elite?

Another interesting point in this page is the fact that it urges people to invest as soon as possible, before them “miss the chance”.

The phrase is “Start Now”, in capital letters, such as it is written.

After that they display the stories of some happy customers and voila, we have a successful marketing story.

Invest in Bitcoin with Loophole

When you click one of those images in the original article you get redirected to a sales page called Bitcoin Loophole.

This page is the final sales one.

The first thing we see is a good quality video with nice music where the guy explains to us the benefits of the program associated to Bitcoin.

The video mentions that investing now is like investing in the first stages of Apple, Amazon or Google.

That is what the guys in the video say, in a way that any inexperienced investor may think that it is a good reason to invest a good amount of cash there, as if it was to invest in Apple in 1985, or in the real first stages of Bitcoin in 2012.

The truth is that we are not in the first stages of Bitcoin.

It is true that we are not in the last stages and that it may raise a lot more, but for sure we are not in the first stages anymore.

We just need to see a long-term chart to realize that the first stages are long-time gone.

To call “first stages” when an asset is quoting 14,000 dollars which was at 1 dollar several years ago is something a bit strange.

The truth, I wish I had invested when the asset was quoting 2 or 4 dollars, but in that moment it was difficult to know that it was going to explode in this way. In fact, just a few knew or had faith in it.

millionaire bitcoin
Does it seem a “first stages” market?

In that sales page they guarantee you that you are going to make 13 dollars in 24 hours.

Is not it too easy?

If the program of the so-called Steve (the programmer behind it) is so good why sell it?

I wonder how much the price will be, or perhaps it is just that the “investor” has to open an account with certain entity to “trade”.

Are we reaching the end of the Criptocurrency bubble?

Well, here we have an interesting part, which may create some confusion. As I wrote not so long ago, it is very likely that we are not yet in the final moment of the bubble.

It seems that we are in that moment in which the masses are going to start entering the market in masse and it is very likely that we can see the price exploding upwards to unbelievable heights.

The problem is that when we start seeing this type of these schemes directed to the masses we should start worrying.

This world is not designed for us to win easily.

Only some win easily.

For them to win “easily” it is imperative that the many lose in a deceiving way.

The secret is there: the deceit.

This thing of the promises of getting rich doing some sort of trading are always a very dangerous signal that should switch on our alarms.

It is not only that the poor people end up buying these products and think they are going to quit their day jobs, but also that these kind of “news” give us good signals that the bubbles are reaching a critical phase, whether it is the Tulip, the Nasdaq or the Bitcoin bubble.