Trading tutorial for beginners

Do you want to learn trading?

If you are a novice trader in the financial markets you can read this simple but useful trading guide/tutorial with which you will get a better insight about what trading really is.

After reading these articles you will see that your concept of the trading markets is quite different from reality.

Even if you are not a novice trader it would not hurt reading some of the articles since there could be some hidden useful advice in them.

Remember that the world of trading is full of sharks.

Online trading tutorial

Introduction to trading

  1. What is trading
  2. Does backtesting works?
  3. Trading and investing commission
  4. The spread is paid twice
  5. Are the markets random?
  6. The importance of the daily and weekly charts

Assets for trading

  1. How to do trading in stocks
  2. What are CFDs
  3. Forex trading
  4. Trading with stock indexes
  5. Trading on bonds
  6. Binary options leverage
  7. Futures trading
  8. Advantages of futures over Forex, stocks and ETFs
  9. Futures or CFDs
  10. Binary options or Forex and CFDs

Trading psychology

  1. Bad streak
  2. Changing financial markets
  3. Learn from mistakes
  4. 95% of traders lose
  5. Rumours and confidences in the stock market
  6. Trading addiction
  7. Discipline and trading

Indicators and trading strategies

  1. What is technical analysis
  2. Japanese candlesticks
  3. Moving averages and trading
  4. Fibonacci and Golden number
  5. Hammer strategy
  6. Shoulder head shoulder
  7. Support and resistance
  8. RSI in trading
  9. The danger of trading using breakouts
  10. Grid trading
  11. Day trading
    1. Playboy models
    2. Intraday profitability in Taiwan
    3. How to become a multimillionaire trader
    4. The true professionals of trading
    5. Buy stocks in a trend or day trading
    6. Stock market courses
    7. Spread and the cost of day trading

Money management in trading

  1. Win/loss ratio
  2. Advice on money management in trading
  3. The size of my account and position
  4. Using stop loss in trading
  5. Should we use trailing stop?
  6. How much leverage should we use?
  7. Let profits run
  8. Martingale in trading
  9. Automated trading and trading for a living