Free online Forex Tutorial for beginners

Do you want to learn Forex trading?

If you are a beginner or have not too much experience in this market this free online Forex course/tutorial will help you to understand the basics and some of the secrets of the currency markets.

If you have the patience to read the articles, which should not take you more than 2 or 3 hours then you will comprehend very interesting facts about this market with a very particular view since most of the knowledge that you can encounter in the web is misleading so to speak.

Forex fundamentals

Even if you have experience in the market it will not hurt you to read some of the articles in this Forex guide/course.

For sure you will find interesting things.

  1. What is Forex?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of Forex
  3. Who trades Forex?
  4. What is the best time to trade Forex?
  5. How to make money in Forex?

Forex brokers

  1. Fixed or variable spreads in Forex
  2. Spread is paid twice in Forex
  3. Costs of Forex trading
  4. ECNs or market makers
  5. The importance of slippage
  6. What are requotes?

Fundamental and technical analysis in Forex

  1. Technical analysis
    1. Japanese candlesticks
    2. The importance of the daily chart
    3. Moving averages 1, and part 2
    4. Fibonacci
    5. RSI
    6. Support and resistance
    7. Do technical indicators work in Forex?
  2. Fundamental analysis for Forex

Forex strategies

  1. Hammer strategy
  2. Scalping and Forex
  3. Weekend gaps
  4. News trading in Forex
  5. Using breakouts for trading
  6. Grid trading

Psychology and money management

  1. Bad streaks
  2. Emotions and psychology for trading
  3. Learning from mistakes
  4. Should we use stop loss?
  5. Trailing stop
  6. How much leverage should I use?
  7. Trading discipline
  8. Martingale

Advanced concepts in Forex

  1. What is the best style for trading?
  2. Banks orders
  3. Forex quarter winning accounts
  4. How long does a Forex account last
  5. Hedge funds and Forex
  6. Pamm accounts in Forex
  7. Forex signals
  8. Does backtesting work in Forex?