Trade cryptocurrencies or Forex?

There is always a fad that is the one that leads the financial markets. The fashion of recent years is undoubtedly cryptocurrencies, led, of course, by the almighty Bitcoin. Not many years ago the

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The most volatile pairs in Forex

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Trading with the Envelope Indicator

A trend indicator quite popular in the world of technical analysis but not so much among the Hispanic niche is that of the directional lines, known as Envelopes. What are these Envelopes for trading?

The fortune tellers in trading and investing

Why do we try to be fortune tellers? One of the most common things in the world of the stock market is the divinatory desire of the majority of participants in it, starting with

Commissions and algorithmic trading

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How to use Parabolic Sar in trading

The Parabolic SAR (Parabolic SAR) is another of the technical stock market indicators developed by the legendary Welles Wilder, who published it in his mythical book “New concepts in technical trading systems”, together with

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How are the parabolic movements in the Stock Exchange? Parabolic market example at its best: the Nasdaq bubble One of the most recurrent occurrences in the stock markets is the exaggerated movements of prices

What is artificial intelligence in trading?

Every day that goes by I see more and more news, articles, interviews, etcetera, related to one of the trends of today: Artificial intelligence and its importance in the world of financial trading. After

Trading in an inflationary world

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Do you need a mental stop loss in trading?

Advantages of using a mental stop loss? Using a mental stop loss is one of the favourite solutions of some trading gurus We can even see this kind of articles in Investopedia with some