Robert Pretcher, Master of bearish predictions

Robert Pretcher is, perhaps, the best-known Elliot wave expert of recent decades, especially on Wall Street, where his appearances in the media are already a classic, for better or for worse. On your website,

Karen SuperTrader final scam

The one whom people though as the best options trader in the world, was finally accused by the FED with different charges. Although I have to say that being accused by the SEC is

Who is Marc Faber?

Some years ago I started to get interested about the World economic situation and gold´s important role in the economy. It did not take long till I ended up in some gold bugs websites.

Richard Dennis, a master of trend following

Richard is one of the most famous traders in the World. He was known as the “Prince of the pit”. He was the creator of the “turtle traders”. Dennis is famous for borrowing 1600