The Cryptocurrency Bubble

If we had to choose the hottest asset class in the whole financial markets without a doubt we would choose cryptocurrencies, starting with their leader, Bitcoin and others that are acquiring a lot of

Is it a good idea to invest in Carrefour stocks?

Carrefour is one of the most powerful distribution companies in the World and probably, the strongest in Europe, where it is undisputed leader in Frace, with the permission of the Schawrz Gruppe (Lidl, Makro)

Is it a good time to invest in Apple stocks?

What is the most used technological device in this decade? Or, which is the technological market with biggest growth last years? The answer to these questions is easy if we look around and see

Invest in Google Shares?

Google is one of the giants of the new Technological Era. In particular, it is probably the most powerful company in the “www” business. Many of the new era IT companies hardly have income,

Feeder Cattle Futures Bubble?

Some months ago, in March, I wrote a Little post in my Spanish blog about the bull market in the livestock markets. There was a lot of people saying that those markets were in