Does the ROE work for investing?

I am going to talk about one of the most used and popular indicators of fundamental analysis in the world. Nothing less than the legendary Warren Buffett has said that this, the Return on

Does Elliot Wave Theory really work?

The Elliot Wave Theory is one of the most known and studied in the world of technical analysis. This theory was developed no less than almost a century ago by the accountant, Ralph Nelson

Liquidity ratios for investing

The liquidity ratios refer to the ability of the company to meet the payments of its short-term debts. This is easier to understand if we see that not only companies but families also have

What is the Price to Book Value (PBV)?

The Price to Book Value or PBV is one of the numerous stock market ratios that are used in the fundamental analysis to try to determine if a company is cheap or expensive and

What is dividend Yield?

Dividend yield (Dividend Yield in English) is one of the most important fundamental ratios of financial analysis that exists. It measures the ratio between the dividend per share that a company has distributed during

Foreign currency effect: the EURJPY

The other day I talked about the foreign currency effects and their importance for investing. In that article I talked in a general way without any specific example. Today I am going to talk

Investing with foreign currency effects

Three years ago, published an article about how profitable it was to invest outside due to Foreign Currency Effects. Those days the Euro was in the middle of a terrible bear market, which

Is it best to invest or speculate?

When I think of the term speculate I always think of Andre Kostolany, the author of one the first books that I read about financial markets that had a huge impact on me. His

Is it safe to invest in Dash?

Do you want to invest in Dash but are not sure what it is? Welcome to the club, because the majority of investors are in the same boat. It is not that we do

Long-term moving averages for investing

One of the best indicators out there to see the evolution of stocks or other financial assets is, without a doubt, long-term moving averages. This simple indicator gives us some entry points that are

Investing with the Sharp ratio

The Sharp ratio is a measure to asses risk in the financial markets invented by William F. Sharpe. This ratio tries to measure the generated return with respect tovolatility. This would be some indication

Marc Faber: the perfect diversified portfolio

One of the best blogs in the investing community in English out there is Mebane Faber one. He published some articles that first appeared in his book “Global Asset Allocation”. One of those articles

Active management costs

Active management portfolio: yes or not? This is one of the most important debates in the world of investing An issue that has a lot to do with the inherent problem of short-term trading:

Pyramid schemes in investing and trading

Pyramid scheme stock market Scams and lies have formed part of humanity since the beginning but I think there never was such an amount of lies as nowadays. That is to say, as the

Timing and patience in stock investing

Investing timing                There is an old article, from 1996, called “The Magellan Myth” written by Duff Young. In that article the author discussed the fact that most investors had a terrible timing when they