Blockchain and the end of privacy

There are rumours in the most conspiratorial circles of the network that Bitcoin and the entire Blockchain are the prelude to the establishment of the currency of the future world government. Behind this argument

Criptocurrencies, the falacy created ouf ot nothing

Why are criptocurrencies defended by libertarians and anarchocapitalists? Well, its defence is based on sound logic, supposedly. They are the result of complex mathematical models and are (supposedly) immune to destabilization because the amount

Where does all bitcoin money go?

Some days ago I was talking to a friend about the bitcoin bubble and both were wondering where all that money was going, the money of the bitcoinmania. We are talking about a lot

Volatility, investing and socialism

Volatility and trading One of the most important concepts in the world or trading is that of volatility, and for good reason. The majority of people who try trading or investing look for volatility,

Random markets and the collapse of Venezuela

One of the best examples of non random markets is that of Venezuela and her disastrous economic policies. Everybody with some common sense knew that Venezuelan socialist policies would end in disaster. It is

Random Markets and Cyclical Reality

There is something I see quite often in the circles of trading, and it is the example flipping coins and random market behavior, and the fact that trading is not very different from that

who is Peter Schiff?

Peter Schiff is one of the most famous commentators on American TV about economic issues, and it is not because of his optimistic view precisely. Schiff is the owner and main manager of Euro

John Exter´s Pyramid

John Exter was an economist who worked in the FED and contributed to the foundation of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Although, he is mostly known by being the author of his famous

Gold Bugs, Stock Bugs and The Mark of The Beast

Gold bugs history The term gold bug appeared the first time in an Edgar Allan Poe story called precisely “The Gold Bug”. However, the term gained popularity in the American general elections of 1896