Are cryptocurrency exchanges ECN or market makers?

The other day I wrote an article about Ripple brokers and I realized one thing: The so-called exchange houses have very different spreads from each other, at least with certain instruments, such as Ripple.

Naga Trader (Nagamarkets) review and opinion

NagaTrader or Nagamarkets? Some time ago I opened an account in this NagaTrader broker. I do not know where or how I found it. I only know that I found it curious and attractive

What happened finally with Alpari customers?

A little over three years ago, one of the leading brokers in the international Forex scene declared bankruptcy for the famous Black Forex Thursday with the collapse of the Swiss Franc pairs. The previous

I want to be a broker

I want to be stock broker Most of the people without experience in the investing world think that a broker is someone who is buying and selling in the financial markets making a living

Bucket shops and market makers

Jesse Livermore spent many years trading in the bucket shops until the day he was too known and not able to trade there anymore. In a chapter of is marvellous book, Reminiscences of a

Are ECN brokers a scam?

There are several trends in the Forex and trading retail markets nowadays. One that seems to be very popular is the fact that more and more brokers are claiming that they are ECN brokers,

What is Ayondo?

Ayondo is an English CFD broker of German origin which is registered and authorised by the English FCA. The company behind this broker is DonauCapital Werpapier AG, a German company registered with the BaFin

How many brokers go bankrupt every year?

Brokers and bankruptcy The brokerage industry is very dynamic and as such is a very risky one, in which some of the companies eventually disappear. Remember the episode of the Swiss Franc Black Swan

How to avoid being scammed by our broker

The number of stories about people being deceived by the brokers is countless. If we think that they are all true we would probably never open an account with any broker, especially of CFDs

Choosing a binary options broker

If you have read what I have already written about this issue it would be easy to understand that binary options  are not my favourite asset for trading. What is more, in my opinion

How to choose a market maker broker

A lot of people, especially those who have experience in the markets, think that it is not a good idea to open an account with market maker brokers. Those who are new in the

How to choose a futures broker

The vast majority of people who are looking for a futures brokers do it with the typical “day trading” mentality, which have been acquired through one thousand marketing channels. As with any other frequent trading

How to choose a Forex broker?

Similarly to CFDs, there is a huge amount of Forex brokers in the World to choose from. So, what broker should we choose? Choosing Forex Broker First of all, and as a very important

How to choose a CFD broker?

There are many CFD brokers out there. The truth is that it is not easy to choose if we start investigating the entire available offer, although, depending on our necessities our range of choice