Does Elliot Wave Theory really work?

The Elliot Wave Theory is one of the most known and studied in the world of technical analysis. This theory was developed no less than almost a century ago by the accountant, Ralph Nelson

Liquidity ratios for investing

The liquidity ratios refer to the ability of the company to meet the payments of its short-term debts. This is easier to understand if we see that not only companies but families also have

Sophisticated copy trading services?

The truth is that the world of short-term trading is a vein to create weapons of mass destruction packaged in the most pompous ads of the most sophisticated trading. I recently opened a demo

Momentum indicator for trading

What is the Momentum in technical stock market analysis? The Momentum is one of the best known oscillator indicators in the world trading markets, whether of stocks, futures, Forex or even cryptocurrencies. This indicator

John Keynes and the Barbaric Relic

One of the most important moments in the world monetary history had John Maynard Keynes as the most prominent actor. The most remembered phrase of his life as an economist was, without doubt the

What is the Price to Book Value (PBV)?

The Price to Book Value or PBV is one of the numerous stock market ratios that are used in the fundamental analysis to try to determine if a company is cheap or expensive and

Range markets: a nightmare for traders

Range markets have a fundamental importance in trading and investment, especially for those who are dedicated to trying to follow market trends, that is, for followers of that famous phrase in the world of

Blockchain and the end of privacy

There are rumours in the most conspiratorial circles of the network that Bitcoin and the entire Blockchain are the prelude to the establishment of the currency of the future world government. Behind this argument

How to use the stochastic oscillator

The stochastic indicator was designed by George C. Lane in 1954 at a time when trading in the pits was the order of the day in the American futures markets and these indicators, when

Is it easy to make money with IPOs?

Who would not want to have the shares of the best companies just before they go out to quote? One of the best ways to try to make money on the stock market is

Trade cryptocurrencies or Forex?

There is always a fad that is the one that leads the financial markets. The fashion of recent years is undoubtedly cryptocurrencies, led, of course, by the almighty Bitcoin. Not many years ago the

Do Stock Market predictions work?

Maybe you would like to know how to make good short-term stock market predictions. Surely if you read this article it is because you think that I am going to tell you how I

The most volatile pairs in Forex

Do you want to know what the most volatile Forex pairs are? Surely, because you’ve probably heard that volatility is very important in the markets and it is always better to look for the