Swap rates for CFD trading

Do you want to know what the swap in trading means? I’ll tell you, along with an anecdote. In addition, I tell you that this is one of the most underrated but most important

What are CFDs?

What are CFDs about? What does this term CFD mean in finance? Well, in this guide I will tell you in depth what these CFDs are in the stock market, how they work, and

How to use the ATR indicator in trading?

The ATR (Average True Range) is an indicator that was created no less than in 1978, again by the trading legend J. Welles Wilder, in his legendary work “New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems”,

Volatility in trading

Have you ever had problems with volatility in your trading? Anyone who has traded long enough knows the capital importance of volatility, that elusive and treacherous concept that when it seems we had it

The trend is your friend

Surely if you have read books about trading you have heard many times that the trend is your friend. This is something that all speculators of all times have said or ever corroborated: from

Standard Deviation for trading

The Standard Deviation is a trend-type indicator used for trading. In this case, it is a somewhat ambiguous indicator because I do not know why it is called a trend, when in reality it

Are cryptocurrency exchanges ECN or market makers?

The other day I wrote an article about Ripple brokers and I realized one thing: The so-called exchange houses have very different spreads from each other, at least with certain instruments, such as Ripple.

What is Market Noise in trading?

Surely you’ve heard a lot of times talk about that “market noise“, which is something that practically all traders or investors name from time to time. Why are traders and investors so concerned about

Does the ROE work for investing?

I am going to talk about one of the most used and popular indicators of fundamental analysis in the world. Nothing less than the legendary Warren Buffett has said that this, the Return on

Weekend trading with cryptocurrencies

A couple of years ago I commented that some broker started offering weekend trading; those days so “boring” and covered by sports betting, especially football. On that occasion I had a premonition and I