Blockchain and the end of privacy

There are rumours in the most conspiratorial circles of the network that Bitcoin and the entire Blockchain are the prelude to the establishment of the currency of the future world government.

Behind this argument is the fact that blockhain technology is the perfect instrument for the establishment of the “Mark of the Beast”.

But what is this about the Mark of the Beast?

For this is something that some of the Christians, those who have read the Bible, know about the well-known passage from the Book of Revelation.

Some time ago I wrote an article entitled “Forex, the Messiah and the New World Government”.

In the same spoke on the subject that for the construction of a possible world government would have to occur the fall of the United States and the dollar, obviously, totally necessary step for a total unification.

I commented that if something like this were to happen, something very big would have to happen, such as a Third World War.

The relationship of the “Messiah” would be that of the saviour, the one who would save the world from total annihilation and bring peace to the world.

But of course, that would be talking about an almost non-human messiah.

Some speak of an alien God and others of an IA God (Artificial Intelligence).

To me, in principle, there is something I do not like too much about the blockchain system.

“Chains of blocks” would be in Spanish.

The term “chain”, seems very suspicious to me.

It is a control term, which tries to control the blocks by their “chaining”, as when we chained prisoners.


That first impression that the term gives me, although it seems simple, is actually quite important.

All this blockchain is a topic that seems to deepen into a kind of digital matrix in which everything would be under the control of automation processes.

Well, this is what digital technology is about. The specialty of it is to automate, seeking a supposed efficiency.

But, efficiency in what?

Efficiency in solving problems to build blocks that will build a digital reality.

But build a digital reality for what?

Well to fully control the entire system of transactions in the world to start, and finally to control you, until the last movement.

Honestly, I do not know if Bitcoin will be the currency of the future world government.

Now, what I am sure of is that that world government will use a monetary and economic system based on a kind of “digital fiat” money, which would be a step beyond the Fiat paper system that has existed in the world in recent years and centuries.

The technology is there.

First the credit cards.

Then the mobiles, and finally the possibility of carrying out all our transactions digitally.

In this field great thinkers of liberalism (libertarians in the Anglo-Saxon world) defend the Bitcoin because it seems to be the way to escape the grip of states and their fiat monetary systems.

They believe that because Bitcoin is based on a decentralized blockchain type system, with problem solutions and limited character, the world will embrace that idea.

What they do not have is a somewhat more profound aspect of the matter and that has to do with how well it could be that this system of blockchains is the raw material that governments need to create a global system of total digital control.

That is to say, the Bitcoin and the crypto world would come to be the prelude to the governmental establishment of an equal system, but of a totally opposite character to what the libertarians believe.

For example, do libertarians believe that in a kind of Global Soviet Union that adapts a digital currency could escape from it through the use of Bitcoins or Ethereums?

Do you think that such a state would not be able to monitor the totality of the actions of its citizens?

Previously, in the Soviet Union there was a limit to this monitoring.

That limit was imposed by the fact that with the paper ruble, people could still spend part of their money without the government knowing where or how.

If I buy a bottle of vodka in a black market with a ticket, a ruble or a dollar, there is no way that the State can know that I have done it.

They may have their malevolent evil state, but the control is not total.

However, the economy and digital society is another thing, much blockchain that we try to put in the head.

Under a total digital economy, with all the official transactions of the system taking place in the deepest corners of the matrix, we can be 100% sure that each and every one of our transactions can be monitored.

It does not matter if you are a terrific hacker.

You can hide your transactions for a certain time, but under a satanic system of digital Soviet control, rest assured that there is some way to track your digital movements.

This digital character is very deceptive because despite everything they tell us, it is a system totally contrary to anonymity. Everything, absolutely everything can be traceable.

Do you think that you are not traceable in your online presence?

You can be sure that yes.

Moreover, once States “learn” and endorse blockchain technologies, both in monetary and social issues, with biometric techniques and others, you can say goodbye to the “privacy” that you enjoyed (that we still “enjoy”, in a certain way) before.

Now, for this to happen, for the states of the world to reach an agreement and adopt a Bitcoin-type digital world currency, but under the control of the world public and financial system, some type of important event would have to take place.

The latter is essential.

Otherwise there could be no world political union, and without it always opened the possibility of somewhere to escape.

This issue of world government is something strongly linked to the digital world, at least from a metaphysical-logical point.

What better economic system to unite the whole world than a digital one?

The world union implies the disappearance of borders and independence.

The total digital world means the disappearance of the possibility of not being monitored.

Both concepts are intertwined perfectly, to the point that one becomes necessary of the other.

That digital, social and economic world is the dream of the Soviet heart since immemorial times.

Do you understand well what the end of privacy means?

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