Binary Options Signals Scam

Some time ago I had a look at Clickbank to see what was going on there.

I already thought that there could be some shady offers, but I also thought that there could be some honest services being promoted. Well, after I had a look at it, most what I found was rather “suspicious”.

There might be some product that is worth it, but it would need to be studied particularly.

I would not buy most of the products in the financial section there.

Bynary options signals best

One of the products that caught my attention was a binary options signal provider. I had never before seen that (1).

I did not know that there were people selling trading signals for binary options.

Later on, I realized that those services are a consequence of the outstanding growth of binary options.

The fact is that there are hundreds of providers.

The number of binary accounts busted is so big that people are desperate to buy “miracle” products from anyone promising the sky. Obviously, these providers are making an incredible amount of money.

The best about this is that when you search on the Net, you will only find good opinions about these signals.

There are thousands of people promoting these services.

The amount of money involved is so big and so easy that it attracts selling guys like honey.

Binary options signals providers

There are countless websites promoting the binary industry and it is increasing every year.

The business seems to be in a very good shape. At one end, thousands of losing traders hoping to get rich quickly. On the other hand, many people willing to provide those “traders” with their medicine.


All this promotion is accompanied with fabulous and good-looking websites where you are told how beautiful the world could be if you bought their services.

Like Woody Allen said: “80 percent of success in life is showing up”.

One of the funniest things about this type of webs is that they usually promote impressive results, like a 75% profit.

For many trader candidates it is enough to see that and believe that they will become the new market wizards.

Binary options signals that work?

What they do not know is that they have a chance to lose 100%.

A 75/100 payout is not very interesting.

What professional trader is willing to trade with that ratio?

When you see all the binary broker paraphernalia you realize that you have not got the slightest chance of winning.

It is very difficult to win in stocks, futures and forex, but at least you have a chance there.

In binary brokers, it is almost impossible (I would dare to say completely) to win in the long run.

The average bet lasts 5 minutes there.

Trading with an 80/100 payout for five minutes bets?

They must be joking.

But they are not obviously.

How to win more than 70% of trades

One of the best tactics, these companies use to attract people, is promising an unbelievable number of wins.

You may find “promises” to win 70% of times, or even 90%. Anyone who believes it deserves to lose his money.

If someone can win that number of times doing binary options day trading, why is he offering ridiculous services and charging $100 monthly?

Binary options signals fantasy

If I can have a 75% profit when winning, and 100% loss when losing, and my winning ratio is 75 out of 100, I would make incredible profits overtime.

Seventy five winning trades for $75 each trade would return $5.625. 25 losing trades for $100 would be $2.500.

That means, we would have a system that wins twice more than it loses. If we apply that every month we could easily win 100% monthly. With that sort of return we would be multimillionaires in one year.

A multimillionaire trader does not need to sell signals.

If I have a system like that I would trade boldly.

Suppose I bet 10% of my account in each trade. In one month, I do 100 trades, win 75 and lose 25. The 25 losses will be covered with 40 wins approximately. That leaves 30 wins at 7.5% to be compounded. That would make 875% monthly return (I am laughing while writing this).

If I start with €100, in four months I would have €587.750. It is not bad, is it? Why would I be interested in selling signals for $100 monthly?

The example above is for 100 monthly trades, but some of these services tell us that they give from five to ten signals per day. If it was true I could have hundreds of millions of dollars in three months, or less.

How can people believe that rubbish?

Binary options signals live

Most of these signals are meant to be sent by mobile messages. So, we have to wait for the message to arrive, open the broker, and then trade. And, we should expect it to work.

This is funny actually.

One of the best parts of these websites is when they say that they have their recommended brokers. That means, they will not only make money out of the signals, but from the broker´s commission too.

The broker wins, and these guys win doubly.

In brief, unless you have a great amount of money and are willing to lose, do not expect to find the way to riches using this sort of signals.

The only ones who are making the way to riches are the signal vendors, and the brokers.

Most of these vendors are fraudulent.



Thanks for reading and sharing.