What are the best trading platforms?

The best trading platforms for Forex, CFDs, Stocks and Futures

There are many platforms in the World of trading and investing

Each market has its favourite ones, although there are common platforms for all the markets.

Normally the best platforms are those specialized in each market.

There are platforms specialized in futures like Ninja Trader, others in CFDs and Forex like MetaTrader and others like ProRealTime in Stocks.

Besides we have the multi-product platforms like those of Interactive Brokers or Saxo Bank.

Some of the platforms more used by individual investors or traders are the next ones:


ProReal Time platform

Prorealtime is one of the favourite platforms, if not the most, for the stock market in Europe.

This platform can be used for free without needing any broker.

Pro Real belongs to the French company IT Finance, which also offer a platform which is used by many European brokers.

This platform is used, among others, by IG Markets.

Some of its characteristics is that allows programming.

Visual Chart

This is one of the most popular platforms for stock traders and investors.

One of the most professional platforms out there.

It is quite complex and offers us the possibility of doing automated trading.

It is recommended to advanced users.


Although it is not an independent charting service, due to the fact that belongs to the broker, this multiproduct platform permits trading in most of the markets in the World, like futures, stocks, CFDs or Forex.

This is a characteristic that few individual platforms can offer.

This platform is quite famous in European countries since many of their borkers offer white label versions.

TWS Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers platform

This is the platform of the famous broker IB, which is known for its apparent difficulty in learning the way it works, especially at the beginning.

In fact, many investors and traders hate this platform whereas others have fallen in love with it.

On the other hand it is one of the most complete platforms out there.


Multiproduct platform quite popular in Anglo-Saxon countries and used for traders to trade stocks, options and futures.

Its price ranges from 45 to 295 dollars a month.


This is the most know Forex platform.

It has such a big role in that market that it is almost impossible to find a broker that does not use it.

Any broker that does not offer risks not having many customers since most of Forex users with experience look for it.

It is a platform famous for its usability as well as for the fact that it allows automated development.

The platform is also used for CFD markets.


Platform quite popular the last years trying to be seen as an alternative t Metatrader.

This is a platform that some good ECN brokers use.

Ninja Trader

This is one of the most well known futures platforms, which can be used for markets such as Forex.

It has been very popular last years due to the fact that it used to be free for basic users.

This platform ended up buying one of the most known futures brokers of its time: Mirus Futures, now called: NinjaTraderBrokerage.


One of the main Ninja Trader competitors in the futures markets.

A professional platform with great services and graphs.


Trading Technologies platform used mainly in the futures markets by professional traders, being a very robust, trustworthy and fast platform.

This platform usually requires some subscription which is why it is usually picked by professional traders.


Platform used for institutional Forex trading very popular in the professional circles of the sector, although it has its versions for small traders as well.


Another one of the institutional Forex platforms.


Institutional platform used by professionals.

The price of this platform is quite expensive.

That is why this is a platform for professionals.

Bloomberg and Reuters Terminals

These platforms are used by institutional investors of the world.

The price of these platforms usually is around 20000 dollars a year.

That kind of price tells us the type of customer this platform is directed to.

Although Reuters has cheaper versions for smaller traders.

Online investing platforms

There are hundreds of platforms in the financial markets, especially in Forex and CFDs, where there are many web platforms belonging to the brokers.

Many brokers have the MetaTrader along with their own web platforms.

Some of the brokers with notable own platforms are Dukascopy Bank, Oanda, CMC Markets and IG Markets.