Trading and investing with stock indexes

Trading the world indexes is one of the most popular trading assets nowadays. We can find them in almost the totality of CFD and Forex brokers, not to mention binary options brokers. But the

Investing in futures for beginners

Investing in futures contracts First of all, the question is wrong, although it is quite easy to see some people recommending investing in futures. Futures contracts are not for investing, at least from a

The average duration of a futures account

We already should know how difficult it is to win doing day trading in the different makets. If not you should read some of my previous articles about trading. The vast majority of people

How to choose a futures broker

The vast majority of people who are looking for a futures brokers do it with the typical “day trading” mentality, which have been acquired through one thousand marketing channels. As with any other frequent trading

The falacy of futures day trading

One of the most popular trading niches from the last decades and, probably, the most professional along with stocks, is that of the futures markets. As happens with day trading, there is a gigantic machinery trying

Is it a good idea day trade the futures markets?

The KOSPI 200 futures study case The KOSPI 200 is the Korean index main futures contract. The futures markets had such an incredible growth in Korea that by 2011 became the largest futures market

Why should I use Stop Loss Orders?

I write this because I read a thread on some time ago in which someone said that stop loss orders are for losers. That means, if you use stop loss orders you will

Randy Mckay. A Futures Market Wizard

I am going to talk about one of the most interesting interviews in the book The New Market Wizards by Schwager. Randy Mckay was one of the first futures currency traders in the pit

Futures or CFDs? What to trade?

Futures are a very efficient and essential instrument in the financial markets. A society that has not got developed futures markets cannot be considered a developed society. Futures are mainly traded in the United

Is it convinient to trade CFDs?

What are CFDs? First of all, what is a CFD? CFD (contracts for difference) are financial instruments that replicate the movement of instruments such as shares, currencies, commodities, bonds and etcetera. The difference with