Forex Fundamental Analysis

Why is Fundamental Analysis important in Forex? Well, in first place let us introduce what Fundamental Analysis is. This type of analysis is quite different from Technical Analysis, which is focused in the past

Forex Technical Analysis

Forex is probably where people use the most use of Technical Analysis. The basis of this technical analysis is not new since American and Japanese traders have since long ago implemented it in commodities

Forex Market hours

You have probably heard that Forex is a market open 24 hours a day and because of that it is better than other markets. If not I suggest you to read: “Advantages and disadvantages

Who trades in the Forex Market?

Who are the participants in the gigantic market of Forex? This market, the biggest in the world, although not for retail traders, no matter what some people say, are composed of many components. To

Advantages and disadvantages of Forex

Trading the Forex market has some advantages and some disadvantages compared to other markets. Normally the webs and businesses related to Forex try to exalt those supposed advantages in an exaggerated way. However the

What is Forex?

Many years ago I remember how there were lots of exchange currency shops in the streets. Once I told my father about why he did not buy dollars. Without knowing I had already converted

Free Forex signals

There are many Forex brokers offering signals for free in the markets. Anybody with little experience might think this is a good thing obviously. The novice traders may think: “perfect, the professional traders are

Does backtesting in trading work?

One of the most typical things that someone really interested in the world of trading does is some backtesting, that is, the analysis and study of past prices to try to find some pattern