Good time to invest in stock market

When is a good time to invest in the Stock Market? There is always a good time to invest, although there are better moments than other, obviously. Everybody who approaches the investing world for

Is it a good time to invest in Apple stocks?

What is the most used technological device in this decade? Or, which is the technological market with biggest growth last years? The answer to these questions is easy if we look around and see

Invest in Google Shares?

Google is one of the giants of the new Technological Era. In particular, it is probably the most powerful company in the “www” business. Many of the new era IT companies hardly have income,

The terrible Kondratiev winter

There are a lot of people who think we are in the beginnings of a great secular bull market, similar to the ones that started in the 50s and 80s of the 20th Century.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Random walk Hypothesis This theory defends that future price movements in the stock market cannot be predicted, and beat the market in the long-term. According to this theory, the great majority of fund managers

The worst Stock Market crashes ever

In the history of the capitalistic era, there have been tremendous stock market collapses. From the tulip mania in 1633-1637, to the recent European debt crisis. Bubble after bubble and crash after crash. From

The Crash of 1987 and Technical Analysis

Any great investor would want to avoid a crash like that of 1987, and yet a significant amount of them could not do it, although some of them saw the signals and went to

The Dow Theory compared to Buy and Hold

What happens in the long run to the Buy and Hold strategy compared to The Dow Theory? There is a blog that made a comparison between the performance of the Dow Theory and the

How much do I need to Trade for a Living?

Is it easy to become a Full Time Trader? I think that almost everybody knows that to become someone who trades for a living is something not very easy. I do not know many people who

Buy and Hold Stocks and our Pension Plan

Buy and Hold strategy advantages Recently I wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy “buy and hold” in stocks. However, I did not mention two of the most important factors about this

Buy and Hold for Stocks

Some days ago I wrote about the importance of the Dow Theory for investing and trading. There is no doubt that technical analysis is one of the most followed approaches to trade the financial