psychology and binary options

When we see the amount of binary brokers that exist in the world it is obvious that there must be an incredible amount of traders who use them. As it is logic, most of

Trading and investing with stock indexes

Trading the world indexes is one of the most popular trading assets nowadays. We can find them in almost the totality of CFD and Forex brokers, not to mention binary options brokers. But the

Binary options payouts and sport betting odds

Some time ago, before the introduction of a new law concerning betting in Spain, there were good conditions to do betting there. So to speak, the conditions were ECN at least in Betfair, the

Binary options trading advice for novices

I am going to talk about one of the craziest things we can find nowadays in the world financial markets: investing in binary options. This is something I have already talked about but I

Choosing a binary options broker

If you have read what I have already written about this issue it would be easy to understand that binary options  are not my favourite asset for trading. What is more, in my opinion

Should I invest in Binary options?

Invest easily in binary options Lately it is quite easy to find how good and beneficial investing in binary options is. We can find it in any kind of advertisement in any web, including

Binary Options and Leverage

Everybody who tries financial trading will eventually discover the concept of leverage, and almost everybody will try to use it, sometimes massively. It seems logical that if we are able to move huge amounts of

How to get rich with binary options signals

Yesterday, while I read a blog I saw some advertisements. The type of advert was one of those in which there are different products in the same banner. The advert about finance said something

Bonus for Forex and Binary Trading?

Bonuses for retail trading are more common than ever. It is incredible the number of apparently good bonus offers that we find around the Web. Online trading bonuses Offering bonuses is a technique especially

Binary Options Signals Scam

Some time ago I had a look at Clickbank to see what was going on there. I already thought that there could be some shady offers, but I also thought that there could be

Binary Options or Forex and CFDs?

Binay Options for trading?   It is amazing how fast things change. Just a few years ago, in 2008, a new market for trading appeared. Strangely enough, it was during the meltdown of 2008